Allosaurus means "different lizard"
Allosaurus was 15 feet tall and 36 feet long and weighed around 2 tons.
Allosaurus was a feared predator of the late Jurassic in North America.
But it could defeat plant-eaters twice its size.
Allosaurus had a big head and neck, a bulky body which was balanced
by a long, deep, tail. He had powerful hind limbs with clawed feet.
Allosaurus had short strong 3-fingered forelimbs with large, sharp claws.
The top of his head had bony ridges and bumps.
His jaws had 4 inch serrated, dagger like teeth.
Allosaurus walked upright on his hind legs.
He could move quickly and easily overtake heavier , slow moving animals.
Scientists believe Allosaurus hunted in packs.