Ankylosaurus means "fused lizard"
Ankylosaurus was the most well defended of the Anklosauride family of
It was a living tank being up to 35 feet long.
It was also a 4-legged plant eater.
Anklosaurus had and armored head and horny beak; neck, shoulders,
and back encased in tough skin reinforced by raised, bony plates and
spikes; four powerful limbs; and a tail armed with a bony club.
Ankylosaurus also had spikes sticking out from all sides of its body.
But unlike the similar-looking Stegosaurus, the Ankilosaurus's
armor was not attached to its skin.
Instead it was attached directly to the dinosaur's skeleton.
Ankylosaurus was truly a living armored tank!
Even giant meat-eaters could not break through
Ankylosaurus's armor.
Ankylosaurus would lie flat on the ground hiding its soft stomach from
Its bony club on its tail also made an excellent weapon
when swung at an enemy.