Avimimus means "bird mimic"
Avimimus was 5 feet long and 2 feet 6 inches tall at the hips.
He weighed 30 pounds.
Avimimus was the most birdlike dinosaur.
He was plant eating biped.
Avimimus had a short, deep head, toothless beak,
a long neck and tail, long hind limbs, and maybe feathered wings.
His eyes were as big as a owl's.
Avimimus could run very fast.
Paleontologists think it evolved from birds.
Avimimus had a skull like a pheasants, legs like a
roadrunner, and toes like a ostrich.
Avimimus probably ate low growing plants.
Avimimus lived in present day Mongolia and China.
He lived during the late Cretaceous.