Brachiosaurus means "arm lizard"
It was around 75-95 feet long and 40 feet tall.
Brachiosaurus weighed 85-110 tons!
Thats as heavy a 14 elephants!
Not a lot of dinosaurs weighed as much as Brachiosaurus.
He also had a very long neck.
This 4-legged dinosaur ate plants.
Just like a giraffe, its shoulders wer higher than its hips.
So its front legs were much longer than its back ones.
Brachiosaurus also needed big strong thick legs to support its huge body.
Its legs could be as thick as tree truncks.
There is one thing about Brachiosaurus that puzzles scientists.
It had two holes above its eyes. Scientists don't know what they
were used for. Maybe they were used to give off heat and keep the dinosaur
Or maybe Brachiosaurus had an extra good sence of smell because of these
So Brachiosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs that lived.