Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard"
Brontosaurus was 75 feet long and weighed around 30 tons!
Some peolpe believe that the earth probably
did shake when Brontosaurus passed by.
Although Brontosaurus had a huge body, its head was quite small with a tiny
The small brain probably wasn't big enough to serve such a large animal.
So an extra nerve in its tail helped control movement in the back part of the
Brontosaurus was a 4-legged plant eater.
With its long neck, Brontosaurus was probably able to eat plants that grew on
ground or the tops of trees.
Some scientists say that Brontosaurus ate 1,000 pounds of food a day to stay
Brontosaurus probably spant most of its life in or near the water.
The water helped support its huge body.
On land this slow moving dinosaur was easily killed by meat-eating dinosaurs.
Brontosaurus's only weapon was his tail which he used as a whip.