Coelophysis means "hollow form"
Coelophysis was up to 10 feet long and 22 inches tall at the hips.
He weighed only 60 pounds.
Coelophysis was a small, early, 2-legged flesh-eating dinosaur.
Coelophysis moved in packs.
They ate small animals or the whole pack might have brought
down a large plant eater to eat.
Coelophysis had a small, low head with jaws rimmed by
small sharp teeth. These teeth were like carving knives.
He had a snaky neck, a long tail, long, slim limbs,
and short, 3 fingered hands with claws.
Their bones were light and hollow.
Coelophysis lived in present day southern and eastern USA,
and Zimbabwe.
They lived in the mid/late Triassic.