Diplodocus means "double beam"
Its name came from the small bones underneath its
backbone. These small bones had two larger beam-like bones
attached to them. One bone went to the head, the other to the tail.
Diplodocus was 80-100 feet long, but weighed only 12-15 tons.
Also he was much slimer and lighter that Brachiosaurus or Brontosaurus.
Diplodocus was an immensely long 4-legged plant eater with a
low, sloping head, snaky neck, and a finely tapered whiplash tail.
It was alive in the late Jurassic.
Diplodocus's neck was 25 feet long and
his tail was an amazing 45 feet long tail!
Diplodocus used his tail as a whip which was an excellent weapon.
Diplodocus was a herbivore and lived primarily in swampy areas.
His brain was very small for such a large body.
Like several other dinosaurs Diplodocus had an extra
nerve center on his spine to help control his
tail and hind legs.
Scientists have found nests of Diplodocus eggs.
The eggs were roundish in shape and measured about 10 inches long.