Ornitholestes means "bird robber"

Ornitholestes was 7 feet long and 16 inches tall at the hips.

He weighed 25 pounds.

Ornitholestes was a lightweight 2-legged predator.

He ate meat such as small living things and maybe carrion.

Ornitholestes had a small head, a low nasal horn, strong

grasping hands each with 3 long clawed fingers, long legs,

and a finely tapered tail.

Ornitholestes's small light body let it run fast,

to catch food or to run away from

enraged dinosaurs that found their nest raided.

Ornitholestes had a body shaped like a big meat eater,

only in a smaller scale.

Ornitholestes lived in present day Wyoming, USA.

Ornitholestes lived during the late Jurassic.