Ornitomimus means "bird mimic"

Ornitomimus was 12 feet long

and when he stood on his hind legs he as 10 feet tall.

Ornithomimus looked like a featherless ostrich.

Ornithomimus had a small head, toothless beak, a long curved neck,

and thin arms which had 3 fingures with claws on each hand.

Ornithomimus also had long sprinters legs,

and a long tail that was more than half of its length.

Since Ornithomimus had a toothless beak it probably

swallowed insects, small animals, and fruit whole.

Many scientists also think that Ornithomimus

also ate the eggs of other dinosaurs.

Ornithomimus's only defense against other

meat-eating dinosaurs was its speed.

Ornithomimus lived in what is know presant day North America and Asia.