Oviraptor means "egg thief"

Oviraptors were 8 feet long and 3 feet tall at the hips.

They weighed around 60 pounds.

Oviraptors had a short deep crested head, a short deep beak

with two teeth in the mouth roof, strong arms, long legs,

curved claws on its three-fingered hands and three-toed feet,

and a heavy tail.

Oviraptors eat only eggs.

They are high in protein and very nourishing to eat.

The head of a Oviraptor is very odd, the skull is

extremely short with a deep beak.

Besides, it only had two teeth.

This mouth would have been perfect for cracking open eggs.

Oviraptors also had a tall crest, like a cassowary,

(a bird that lives in Australia).

Its eyes were on the side of its head to look out for danger.

Also its hands were short with 3 fingers, perfect for holding eggs.

The body of a Oviraptor was built like a meat-eating dinosaur.

It could ran away when it needed to and fight with its claws and beak.

Oviraptors lived in present day Mongolia.