Saltasaurus means "Salta lizard"

Saltasaurus was 40 feet long and 10 feet tall at the hips.

He weighed 6-8 tons

Saltasaurus was a 4-legged plant eater.

He ate the leaves from the treetops.

Saltasaurus had a long neck and tail.

He had a bulky broad backed body protected by

bony plates and hundreds of bony studs.

He was the first discovered armored long-necks.

His armor consisted of a mosaic, or jigsaw-puzzle like pattern,

of bony spikes, each about half the size of your thumbnail,

and a number of saucer-sized plates that may

have been the basis of the pointed spikes.

Saltasaurus lived in present day Argentina.

Saltasaurus lived during the late Cretaceous.