Scutellosaurus means "small-shield lizard"

Scutellosaurus was a bipedal/quadrupedal plant eater.

He was 4 feet long and was 1 foot tall at the hips.

He weighed only 20 pounds.

Scutellosaurus had long hind limbs, fairly long arms,

a long tail, and rows of small,

low bony studs running down its back.

Scutellosaurus was both armored and fast.

He had a long thin tail that was

half the size of his body for balance.

Scutellosaurus walked on all fours and on

his back two hind legs.

Scutellosaurus had widely spaced leaf-shaped

teeth that it used to shred its plant food.

Modern iguanas have the same kind of teeth

that do the same job.

Scutellosaurus lived in present day Arizona, ant the southern USA.

Scutellosaurus lived during the early Jurassic.