Stygimoloch means "demon from the River Styx"

Stygimoloch was 8 feet long and 3 feet tall at the hips.

He weighed 50 pounds.

Stygimoloch was a 2-legged plant eater with a thick,

narrow high domed skull bristling with bony horns

and spikes, probably brandished by rival males.

Stygimoloch had a soccer ball sized head with a

large dome which is actually the top of the skull.

The skull was very thick. It would seem as if this dinosaur

would have a large brain but much of the skull was pure bone,

this made the dome extremely strong.

But this left little room for a brain.

There were also spikes around the dome.

Male Stygimoloch used the dome to fight against each other.

But Stygimoloch was a plant eater.

Stygimolochs lived in herds.

Stygimoloch lived in present day Montana, and Wyoming, USA.

He lived during the late Cretaceous.