Tyrannosaurus Rex
(tie-ran-uh-SOR-us RECKS)

Tyrannosaurus Rex means "Tyrant Lizard King"

He is also called T-rex.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was up to 50 feet long and 25 feet tall.

He weighed 7 tons!

Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest flesh eating dinosaurs

that ever lived. He was a bipedal predator.

Tyrannosaurus Rex had huge jaws. They were up to 5 feet long.

Inside the jaws were up to 60 dagger-like, jagged, steak knife like,

razor sharp teeth! They were 7 inches long!

His strong jaws could crunch through bone and flesh as

easily as scissors through paper. Tyrannosaurus Rex did not chew his food.

He would swallow his victims in huge 100 pound chunks, gorging himself

until he could eat no more. Then he would sleep for several days until he was

hungry again. Tyrannosaurus Rex had a big tail that it used for balance as it

ran and hunted.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fierce hunter. He stood upright on his two back legs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex could run fast, even though it was big. Its

powerful back legs helped Tyrannosaurus Rex moved faster than most

dinosaurs its size. He had strong, enormous claws on his feet.

Tyrannosaurus Rex had small strong arms that ended in two-fingured hands.

They couldn't even reach his head or the other arm.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a direct descendent from Allosaurus, and

the two dinosaurs looked a lot alike.

Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in the late Cretaceous in present day

North America and east Asia. He was one of the last dinosaurs that ever lived.