Velociraptor means "fast stealer"
The Velociraptor was a small dinosaur.
It was about 6 feet tall and weighed 170-200 pounds.
Velociraptors used their long tails tokeep its balance while it ran.
The long tail pobably swung from side to side while it ran.
But despite its size it was one of the fastest and fiercest dinosaurs ever.
The Velociraptor had a long low head.
In it was lots of small but very sharp teeth.
The teeth tell scientists that it was a meat-eater.
Velociraptors had a very powerful "secret weapon"
It has powerful legs with huge razor sharp claws.
Velociraptors had four toes on each of its rear feet.
But only the second toe had the huge claw.
It was long and thin, like a giant pocket knife.
Velociraptors used the claw to kill their prey. Thet usually slashed their
prey across the belly or on the neck or thighs
Velociraptors lived and hunted in packs.